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Elevate Your Young Athlete’s Game with Sports Physicals

At Lively Integrated Health, we understand the importance of ensuring young athletes are ready and safe to participate in sports. Our sports physicals are specifically designed to assess the physical health of children and teens engaged in sports, providing peace of mind for parents and coaches alike. These sports exams are crucial in determining the safety of participating in league or school sports.

The Goal of PPE

Sports physicals, also known as pre-participation physical examinations (PPE), are conducted to evaluate an athlete’s general health, current fitness level, and risk of injury before participating in sports. At Lively Integrated Health, a sports physical is about more than just filling out a health form from a coach or school. Our goal is to make sure that your child or teen is physically capable of meeting the demands of their sport without risking their health.

A Sports Physical Home Run

During your child’s PPE at Lively, one of our NPs (Nurse Practitioner) will review your young athlete’s medical history and perform a thorough physical examination. This sports physical includes assessing their cardiovascular health, muscle and skeletal condition, and overall physical well-being to ensure they are not at risk for injury. These exams are tailored to recognize conditions that are more common in young athletes and to ensure their bodies can withstand the physical stress of their sports activity, including baseball, football, soccer, and more. Once the examination is completed, your child’s NP will complete any paperwork required by the coach or school.

Youth Sports and Health Exam Insights

Sports physicals are a pivotal aspect of youth sports that ensure the safety and readiness of young athletes for the rigors of their chosen sports activities. These physicals are designed not just to fulfill legal and school requirements but to safeguard the participants’ health through a detailed assessment of their physical capabilities and overall health condition. This proactive health measure supports the long-term well-being of children and teens, allowing them to enjoy and excel in their sports endeavors confidently.

Why Coaches Require Pre-Participation Physical Examinations

Sports physicals are an important tool when your child signs up for a new sport because they can:

Prevent Sports-Related Injuries

Early detection and management of health issues prevent injuries by identifying potential risks like joint problems and muscle imbalances.

Ensure Fitness and Health

Sports physicals assess your child’s fitness level and uncover hidden health conditions that could be dangerous during physical exertion.

Secure Peace of Mind

Feel reassured that your child or teen is healthy enough to participate in their chosen sport.


Completing a PPE will fulfill legal and school requirements for sports participation.

Customized Wellness: Children’s Sports Physicals

Just as different sports are unique, so are our sports physicals. Our NPs at Lively understand sports requirements and how they may differ between child and teen years. We will ensure that your child or teen receives an individualized assessment for their safety and that all needed documentation is filled out and signed.

Make the Right Play with Sports Physicals

Have the paperwork signed in no time, and your young athlete will be out playing their favorite game. Schedule your child’s sports physical with Lively Integrated Health and ensure they are fit and ready for the sports season ahead. Whether your child is stepping onto the field for the first time or is a seasoned athlete, we are here to provide the thorough care they need to excel safely in their sporting endeavors. Live well with Lively!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Physicals

No further testing is required. A PPE is a physical exam that does not require additional labs or blood work.

Yes, there is a difference. A regular physical exam is more comprehensive and focuses on preventive care, while a sports physical specifically evaluates your young athlete’s ability to participate in sports safely.

Please bring any required forms that must be filled out or signed, a list of medications your child is taking, and a history of previous injuries or medical conditions. It’s also helpful to bring a summary of their health records.

A sports physical takes about as long as a regular annual exam, but it does not require vaccinations or lab work.

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